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Departmental Support

This website is no longer in use. You must now go to to request telephone and telephone line support.

Telecom Support Overview

  • Select an action on this page to begin reporting a telephone related issue to OIT. Please direct website related feedback to

  • If you need access as a Telephone Coordinator (TCO), please contact Amanda Grihm at 404-385-1005.

  • Telephone Coordinators: If you do not know your Telephone Billing Number, please contact Amanda Grihm at 404-385-1005 to discuss your billing information.

  • Telephone Coordinators: View your bills here. If you do not have access, or if you experience problems, please contact Amanda Grihm at 404-385-1005.

  • End Users: If you do not know your Telephone Coordinator, please contact Amanda Grihm at 404-385-1005 to get their contact information. Please contact your Telephone Coordinator directly for any telephone issues.

  • Everyone: You may check the status of a previous request by entering your GT Account and clicking the View Previous Requests button.

    GT Account Username

Action Issue Type Example Issues FY12 Cost Business Days of Turnaround Time Who May Report
(TCO Access Required)
  • Repairs to Currently Established Telephone Service
  • No Dial Tone
  • Voice Mail Issues
  • Can't Hear Other Party
  • Other Party Can't Hear Me
  • Line Is Noisy
  • Feature Not Working
  • Telephone Set Broken
  • Cannot Be Called
  • Cannot Call Out
  • Dropped Calls
No Charge

(Unless intentional
damage is found)
  • Telephone Coordinators
(TCO Access Required)
  • Disconnect Service
N/A No Charge Seven
  • Telephone Coordinators
(TCO Access Required)
  • Change Service Features
  • Reset Voice Mail Passcode
  • Add or Remove Voice Mail
  • Change Caller ID
  • Change Dialing Template
  • Change Phone Number
  • Change Dialing Capability / NCOS
  • No Work Order Charge
  • No Labor Charge
  • $16.98 per Order
  • Free Voice Mail Passcode Resets
  • Telephone Coordinators
(TCO Access Required)
  • Move, Add, Change Requests
  • Projects
  • Add A New Line
  • Add A Line To A Phone
  • Move A Line
  • Change Analog Line To Digital Line
  • Change Digital To Analog Line
    FY 2013
  • Analog Yearly Line Charge: $254.40
  • Digital Yearly Line Charge: $322.80
  • Emergency Yearly Line Charge: $178.69
  • VOIP Yearly Line Charge: $322.80
  • Softphone Yearly Charge: $99.02
  • ACD Agent Yearly Charge: $823.57
  • MADN Yearly Charge: $60.65
  • Audio Conferencing Port Yearly Charge: $36.25
  • Long Distance Flat Rate Yearly Charge: $18.87
  • Toll Free Long Distance Per Minute Charge: $0.04
  • $26.99 Service (Work Order) Charge (up to 10 items)
  • $44.82 Labor Fee Per Move/Add/Change
  • $16.98 Voice Mail Activation Fee For New Line
  • $16.98 Feature Change Fee (per change request, per line not per feature)
  • Monthly Network Access Surcharge: Additional
  • Telephone Coordinators
(TCO Access Required)
  • Telephone Billing Questions
  • Telephone Bill Question
  • Incorrect Charges
No Charge One
  • Telephone Coordinators
  • Billing Contacts
(TCO Access Required)
  • General Telephone Questions
  • Phone Setup
  • Feature Usage
  • Dialing Instructions
  • Voice Mail
  • Services and Prices
  • Training
No Charge One
  • Telephone Coordinators